Education and Professional Certification:
M.A., Traditional Chinese Medicine
Five Branches University

B.S., Business Administration, minor in Biological Sciences
Kansas State University

National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Approach to Patient Care:

Reflecting my goal in patient care, the ginkgo tree is a central symbol of my practice. A true living fossil, the ginkgo represents adaptation and resilience to thrive in a changing world and offers a reminder that we thrive only when we choose to live close to the rhythms of nature. 

Chinese medicine developed out of a close relationship with nature. It follows a methodology that recognizes the relationship between the human system and the environment from which it is living. Mankind and nature were viewed as inseparable entities. Through that lens, the diagnostic and treatment methods of Chinese medicine drew parallels between the patterns and movements of nature and the human body. The methods that were effective at disease prevention and treatment were preserved, and those that were not passed with time. Through this natural evolution, Chinese medicine became refined and produced a medical system that was effective and reproducible. The modern scientific understanding of the human body supports so many observations already established by Chinese medicine. But Chinese medicine reminds us to mind the basics and our connection to nature.

“Back to basics” is my primary approach toward patient care. We must carefully apply the basics, otherwise we will dismiss the simplest of solutions. Born on a Kansas dairy farm, I was raised close to nature. My farming roots seemed unrelated early in my college education, until I realized we are only as healthy as our soil.  The health of plants, animals and people emerge from life cycles that begin with the farmland and earth we tend. From this understanding, I continue to focus on minerals as a foundational strategy that bridges the basic connection between soil and health. This strategy has proven to have tremendous success alongside Chinese medicine’s existing strengths.

Over the last 10 years since formulating Blue Ginkgo, I have worked hard at refining my practice. I value honesty toward my clients with treatment strategies that are direct and to the point (no pun intended). I bridge ancient traditions’ time-tested solutions with Western science’s concise application of reason. My approach has resulted in solving clients’ challenging health conditions time and time again.