Before you arrive: Dress in comfortable clothes that make it easy for me to get to the part of your body needing help.

When you arrive: We will have a brief discussion about the health issue(s) you are seeking help for. I will ask you a few questions to help me find the best and quickest solution for your concerns. If Acupuncture and/or Chinese herbs are not good tools for your issue, I will tell you that as well.

Needles can be intimidating at first: The first time is always the worst because it’s a new experience and a bit scary. However, clients get used to needles very quickly, and they are nothing to be afraid of. I use one-time-use sterile needles that are very, very small. Admittedly, they are not pain-free, but nothing close to the intensity of a shot in the arm at the doctor’s office. This is the general assumption, but is very far from the experience of acupuncture needles.

Payment: Payment is due at time of service. If you paid online through the scheduler, great! Otherwise, at your office visit, I accept all forms of credit/debit cards, checks and cash. If you have a health savings account card through your insurance, those cards work without any issue. Insurance rarely covers my services, but you should call your insurance provider to ask. More insurance companies are starting to cover acupuncture, especially if you press them a little. If you would like an invoice to submit for reimbursement to either insurance or for tax reasons, I have a Tax I.D. and can send you an invoice that will fulfill that requirement.