Herbs and minerals:

These are my very favorite elements to use for internal medicine challenges. Minerals are the core foundation from which all biological processes of the body manifest. They are indispensable to solving health challenges. Without them, vitamins, herbs and other supplements do not produce their full potential benefit.

Herbs are awesome tools that are not taken advantage of enough. I love the art and science that goes into understanding how to use the 350 varieties of herbs I carry. Good quality herbs are hard to find! Luckily, I have them. I start with whole herbs and grind them to a fine powder, which are quite convenient to take. This isn’t voodoo medicine. It’s serious science. Think of herbs like pharmaceutical medicine in a raw, unadulterated format. Because herbs are unrefined, they maintain complexities that work with our bodies without side-effects. We need more solutions in healthcare, and herbs have proven to be a staple for centuries! If you have questions about them, please talk to me!

Key things herbs do extremely well: antibiotic function, hormone management, digestive complaints, immunity concerns.